CLEVELAND – Three people were indicted on human trafficking charges after prosecutors say they forced girls as young as 14 to work as prostitutes in Cuyahoga County.The indictments came in two separate cases. In the first, Treyvon L. Williamson, 22, of Warrensville Heights and Sharonika D. Allen, 26 of Bedford, were charged with forcing four women, ages 14-18, to engage in prostitution by using threats and physical abuse to intimidate

(CNN)You might think that when a trafficking victim escapes, their life is saved. In reality, though, survival is much more complicated. My journey of survival began nearly 20 years ago, and continues to this day.It is marked by hurdles, as well as by surprising gifts like losing my sight, discovering art and receiving life-changing, holistic, trauma-informed care. It has also been marked by our nation’s failure to call trafficking what

Survivor Thoughts from Jeri Moomaw, survivor leader and WAE Program Manager

SALT LAKE CITY — Human trafficking in Utah is real, says state Attorney General Sean Reyes, even if prosecutors don’t always charge a person with that crime. Wednesday, Reyes, along with top members of his staff were joined by police chiefs and investigators from across the state to announce the results of two recent operations. In April and May, the Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) Task Force participated in Operation

We know that most people caught up in prostitution, no matter what their age, are being exploited. We know the vast majority are there against their will or through lack of other viable options. We know that many of them have experienced extreme sexual trauma, typically from an early age, and at some point in their journey have been trafficked, even if at this moment, they no longer are. Keep