“Sex work” is having something of a moment in pop culture. Yes, prostitution has been around a long time, but the narrative’s changed. The language-shift towards “sex work” is very much a part of that change, as we are now meant to see prostitution as “just a job like any other,” even a source of empowerment for women. Any negativity attached to the sex industryis said to be the result

‘Truckers Against Trafficking’ educated Texas trucking industry leaders, general managers of Texas truck stops and local law enforcement on issues related to child sexual exploitation and human trafficking Tuesday at the America Wind Power Center. Jaime Wheeler, a sex-trafficking outreach worker at Voice of Hope, helped organize the session and said human trafficking is a growing problem in the South Plains. “Our number is just about to 80 at

FT. MITCHELL, Ky. —A father and son have pleaded guilty to federal sex trafficking charges. A Northern Kentucky man and his son have been indicted in a federal investigation into human trafficking.Keith Arrick Jr. and Sr., of Fort Mitchell, Kentucky, remain in custody.They both face up to 15 years in prison for prostituting women in Columbus.Investigators said they held one juvenile and several women against their will, forced them into the

  We have a few more people educated on Truckers Against Trafficking. That’s a few more than yesterday. Plant the seeds, tell people what to look for and spread your knowledge. If you see something, say something. I am proud to be a Trucker Against Trafficking and now a teacher against trafficking spreading the word.—Maury Prentiss Thank you, Maury!

AT RHIANNON’S lowest point, she agreed to sex for money with a man who found her drunk, high on prescription drugs and crying on the street outside the strip club where she worked.Back at his home, she cut her wrists in his bathroom and stuck toilet paper on them.“The man felt it was worth paying $100 to have sex with a woman who had a tearstained face and bleeding wrists,”