HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) – It’s a first known incident at the Huntsville International Airport. An elaborate plan to traffic a 21-year-old comes to a sudden halt. Airport officials coming to the young woman’s rescue crediting their “see something, say something” protocol. It all began in the airport’s parking garage. A mother was upset because she couldn’t find her car. She just dropped off her daughter at the airport for a


Mar 2020

Equality Model

Yes to the Equality Model aka partial decriminalization of prostitution! NO to the full decriminalization of prostitution. Keep brothel keeping, pimping and buying ILLEGAL! Why the Equality Model?

WARREN, Ohio — Eight men who were trying to purchase sex over the internet were arrested and charged in a human trafficking sting in Trumbull County, according to a news release from the office of Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost. Trumbull County Sheriff Paul Monroe said a few months ago, his office received a crime tip about an illegal prostitution operation taking place in Trumbull County. “We reached out to

Survivor thoughts from Laurin Crosson! Full decriminalization or legalization of prostitution does NOT end or lessen sex trafficking. Prostitution and sex trafficking are completely linked and intersected. The one creates the market for the other. You must remember that there is never enough willing “supply” to meet the demand, and sex traffickers have long since filled that supply with their victims. The call for full decriminalization of prostitution and the

PENNSYLVANIA – Kevin Gardner is accused of holding a woman against her will for prostitution in Philadelphia and Bensalem. The victim told police she met Gardner in Philadelphia when she was homeless. While there, he made her pose naked so he could take pictures of her to post online in her ad. The victim said she was being held against her will and sold for sex online. To read more: