Mar 2019

TAT in Toledo!

  The Toledo Transportation Club (TTC) hosted a human trafficking awareness night complete with a plated dinner and silent auction that benefited Truckers Against Trafficking and a local safe home in Toledo, The Daughter Project. As part of the event, TAT Director of Corporate Engagement Laura Cyrus and professional truck driver and TAT Ambassador Gary Smith addressed the crowd on the mission and impact of TAT and how they could

WASHINGTON — Training materials on the subject of human trafficking are most effective when tailored to specific industry sectors, said Kendis Paris, executive director of Truckers Against Trafficking. Paris’ comments March 12 marked the second public meeting of the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Advisory Committee on Human Trafficking. She serves as chairwoman of the agency’s subcommittee on training and awareness. Various members of the transportation industry — truckers, taxi drivers,

A little #MondayMotivation for you!

A man who was reportedly convicted of child abuse in 2009 has now been charged with forcing his 8-year-old daughter into prostitution. This week, the daughter provided details of the sexual assault in a two-hour testimony. On Tuesday, days before a New Mexico judge declared a mistrial based on a “prejudicial” testimony by the tween’s grandmother, reported KOB 4, James Stewart listened to his daughter tell an Albuquerque courtroom how

Police say human trafficking is strongly linked to high rates of violence against Indigenous women and girls, but there are major knowledge gaps that keep pervasive trafficking activities hidden in plain sight. RCMP assistant commissioner Joanne Crampton told the National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls on Monday that current statistics on human trafficking fall short of capturing the scope of the issue. Crampton presented data showing