From driver Tony Green:

“As we grow older and look back on our life, most of us will have some regrets, if only minor ones. It’s not always what we did or said but rather what we didn’t say or do… Like most I have my own regrets. I regret that there wasn’t a Truckers Against Trafficking when I first started trucking. I regret that I didn’t know what human trafficking was or the signs of it. I regret many years ago turning away a young girl and less than three months later seeing a poster of her seeking information on her murder.What if only I had known? Today many people still call them working girls , party girls and lot lizards. They are people; daughters and mothers and most of all THEY ARE VICTIMS!!! It is time we see them as such. When your opportunity to make a difference comes, will you look back on your life with regret and wonder what if only?  Do the right thing and make the call and save a life!


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