Read what happened when Tracey Kelly and her husband called in about suspected trafficking in Maryland yesterday. It doesn’t have the ending we all hope for, BUT, having spoken to many survivors, what Tracey did after the call, could be the beginning of this young lady getting out. Well done, driver, well done!

“Well my husband and I just called about a young lady in Maryland,and we were informed that because she looked 20 and we couldn’t see her pimp that there was nothing that could be done. She looked scared and now I’m told there is nothing to be done.”

(When the person being prostituted is older and there is no direct evidence of pimp control, it is often harder to get a response from law enforcement, and the hotline’s hands are tied) And now read what Tracey did:

“I ended up speaking with the young lady. I explained that there were people who cared and could help start a new life. I bought her a cup of coffee and gave her the number (1-888-3737-888). I hope she calls.”

So do we! Showing human compassion and kindness to people who are being exploited daily, is sometimes the spark of hope they need to feel that maybe they can rebuild their life if they can get away. This is exactly the spirit of a TAT!

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