Going the Extra Mile

William Brady is an owner/operator with Lodestar Transportation who supports TAT by keeping his eyes open to spot human trafficking and call it in. He goes the extra mile* by not only pulling the Freedom Drivers Project to different events around the country but also staying at the event, setting up and then working alongside TAT staff to raise awareness about human trafficking to both members of the trucking industry as well as the general public. Bill has made a personal sacrifice in working with TAT by turning down higher paying loads in order to bring the FDP to different events. He also accepted the Suzanne McDaniel Memorial Award for TAT at the Congressional Award Assembly in 2015.  We so appreciate Bill. He makes us laugh, lessens our work load, and it is always nice to know we have an extra team member at events. THANK YOU, Bill Brady for rocking it each and every time you work with us. Thanks for being a great friend and partner in this fight!

TAT: Hi Bill, let’s start out by letting our readers get to know you a little better. What’s your favorite food?

Bill: Steak and Pasta

TAT: Hobbies?

Bill: Keeping truck clean, listening to music, and, most of all, working with TAT.

TAT: What’s your favorite music and sports team?

Bill: Country, rock, Christian and the New England Patriots!

TAT: Did you know anything about human trafficking before TAT?

Bill: No, when I first became a part of TAT, it was all new to me.

TAT: You were asked to accept the Suzanne McDaniel Memorial Award for Public Awareness on behalf of Truckers Against Trafficking in April of this year. What was that experience like?


Bill: The experience is kind of breath taking, due to the fact that I started driving 18 years ago following in my dad’s footsteps … not knowing what was in store for me. Then two and a half years ago I was asked to talk to a high school class about human trafficking. This was the door God had opened for me. I’m still in awe of this awesome experience.


TAT: Why do you think the Suzanne McDaniel Memorial Award is important for trucking?


Bill: This award is important to our industry as a positive influence and positive motivation that can give the public a better outlook of the industry.


TAT: What is your favorite memory of that couple of days in D.C.?

Bill: It’s hard to choose, because the whole experience is a blessing. Being asked to be a part of TAT is an honor and a blessing. 

TAT: Why do you feel it is important to support or promote TAT?

Bill:  The young people in these positions need our help. They are our future!

TAT: Last question….how would you complete this sentence? I want to live in a world where…

Bill: I want to live in a world where kids aren’t being damaged by people who are making profit from their innocence. 

*Going the Extra Mile is dedicated to highlighting those individuals and companies who go above and beyond in their support of the TAT mission. To all the TAT Champions out there, we are grateful!


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