Our Truckers Against Trafficking highlights for ‪#‎sTATe‬ of the week, ‪#‎Delaware‬, are the DiLuzio Family. The DiLuzio’s become TATs to honor their late husband and father, Carmen.

When we asked why the DiLuzio’s chose to honor Carmen through TAT they said, “Carmen was a truck driver who always helped anyone who needed it. One time in particular always stuck with him: while out on the road he was able to help a young woman who was being forced into prostitution. He was ang…ered that there wasn’t more being done to protect young girls. Sadly, we only came upon Truckers Against Trafficking after his death when we were looking for another way to do something that would honor his memory. We started working with TAT including stickers, materials, and information in our Christmas gift bag to the truckers. By supporting TAT, educating people on the tactics recruiters use, and teaching people how to spot the indicators of a sex trafficked person, we are remembering Carmen and doing our part to stop trafficking. We encourage everyone to get involved and do what you can- one person, one call, CAN save a life.”

Thank you so much for your partnership with TAT, DiLuzio Family! We couldn’t be more proud that you have chosen TAT as one way to honor Carmen!

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