Going the Extra Mile

Jesse S. works in a tire shop and works on trucks and interacts with truckers on a daily basis.  We first came into contact with Jesse when we got a handwritten note, along with a donation of all the tips he had earned at his job. This young man has such a genuine heart to fight human trafficking, and he does it in a practical and straightforward way. He goes the extra mile by having a small soda fridge in the office of the shop where he works, where he sells sodas with proceeds benefiting TAT. He also has TAT materials there in the shop, and he puts up posters at various truck stops and gas stations.

TAT: Hi Jesse, let’s start out by letting our readers get to know you a little better. What’s your favorite food?

Jesse: Pizza all the way.

TAT: Hobbies?

Jesse: I enjoy skating, volleyball, and shooting various guns.

TAT: What’s your favorite band or sports team?

Jesse: I listen to various styles of music, but mainly in the Christian genre. I’m not into sports too much, but I would have to go with the Broncos.

TAT: How did you first find out about TAT?

Jesse: My parents were always involved in orphan care, and I started getting involved when I was 15. I was at a youth conference, and one of the speakers totally shocked me by talking about various social justice issues. He mentioned human trafficking in several contexts, and that’s what God really moved me to work against. So I try to be involved in social justice across the board but with emphasis on human trafficking and also foster care.

TAT: Why do you feel it is important to support or promote TAT?

Jesse:  I think it’s important to promote TAT because way too many people don’t realize the tragedy of human trafficking going on in our neighborhoods and right in front of our eyes. TAT really brings it home, because we all know people that are precious to us, and we couldn’t imagine if they were stolen and trafficked, yet it happens all around us.

TAT: What is something new you have learned in the last year regarding human trafficking?

Jesse: I have learned that human trafficking happens even closer where I live than I thought, and I’ve also learned that too many people don’t know about it. However most people, once they learn, are willing to help end it.

TAT: Last question….how would you complete this sentence? I want to live in a world where…

Jesse: I want to live in a world where everyone is respected as people, and where the church truly fulfills its job as being the true and pure “hands and feet of Jesus.”

*Going the Extra Mile is dedicated to highlighting those individuals and companies who go above and beyond in their support of the TAT mission. To all the TAT Champions out there, we are grateful!


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    21 05 2015

    fabulous, Jess!

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