Consistency is important when we engage in the fight against human trafficking. It is important to hold fast to our beliefs throughout all of our interactions. If we say we are against sex trafficking, we need to be against the systems and the accepted cultural norms that have allowed it to flourish and grow. 
For example, in our culture, pimping has been glamorized, normalized, and the word itself coopted to mean something cool or hip. People buy pimp costumes and wear them to get a laugh. They tell jokes about pimps and “ho’s.” Jokes about keeping their “B#@**” in line have become commonplace. People talk about pimping as something humorous, harmless, and even something to be emulated and honored. 
If you say you are against sex trafficking, and you engage in any of the above activities or chuckle and join in the “innocent fun” while others do, you are perpetuating the very system you say you are against. Not every trafficker (organ, drug, labor) is a pimp, but every pimp is a trafficker (sex). And a trafficker is an exploiter … an abuser … a criminal, who is ruining lives and damaging others to make a dollar. 
Laughing at “pimp daddies” and making light of pimping culture is a slap in the face of every victim under their control. It is disrespectful, at best, to the survivors who have gotten away and are rebuilding their lives and healing from that abuse. It is not okay; it is not cool; and it is not funny.
Whenever we, as a society, have recognized that the status quo was wrong, we have changed it. We have demanded that change collectively and have made strides in the right directions. We have started to do that with how we view prostituted people and pimps/traffickers, but we still have a way to go. Let’s not be afraid to call it what it is. Pimping is trafficking. Pimps are traffickers. The ones they control are victims. They need help. Let’s not accept, normalize, and glamorize the predators and abusers in this world. Enough is enough.

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