Source: KFVS

Source: KFVS

One Heartland woman is ready to hit the road for a long journey on only two wheels.

Her goal is to raise awareness and money for victims of sex trafficking. The U.S. State department said hundreds of thousands of people are victims of sex-trafficking every year.

Hannah Harmon, 21, from Perryville is making it her life’s mission to help raise awareness. “While I have the freedom to ride my bike 13,000 miles I just want to be the voice for those who are silently suffering,” Harmon said.

It’s a passion realized for twenty-one-year-old Hannah Harmon when she was on a mission trip to Romania. She found herself helping an organization build a home for women rescued from prostitution.

“I just had this idea, it’s like a light bulb turned on in my head and I was like I don’t have a bike but I’ll just ride a bike to Los Angeles when I get home and raise money for your organization,” Harmon said.

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