Scott Marion is the director of Motor Carrier Services for the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT). Motor Carrier Services is a one-stop shop that educates motor carriers and helps them get the information, credentials and permits needed to start and continue trucking in Missouri. He supports TAT in his role at HELP, Inc. and works cooperatively with the Missouri Trucking Association. He presents about TAT at awareness events and at other opportunities, including the National Coalition of Jewish Women St. Louis. He manned a display booth at the Human Trafficking Awareness Week at the Missouri State Capitol building, encourages trucking companies to train their drivers with TAT materials, volunteers to help with the Freedom Drivers Project when it is in Missouri, trains local law enforcement about TAT, has facilitated TAT training for all Motor Carrier Services employees and works with CDL schools to voluntarily include TAT training in their curriculum.


TAT: Hi Scott, let’s start by letting our readers get to know you a little better. What’s your favorite food?

Scott: An old-fashioned Hershey milk chocolate bar.

TAT: Hobbies?

Scott: Growing vegetable seedlings and giving them away to co-workers, playing with my two grandchildren, watching St. Louis Cardinals baseball, and sitting on the couch with my wife Tammy watching TV. (She loves HGTV. I can never wrap my head around the show House Hunters. It seems like there’s always a newlywed couple looking to buy their first home, and they “only” have a budget of around $600,000! I keep thinking, “Wow, Missouri must be a cheap place to live? $600,000 for your first home? What pray-tell do you all do for a living? Did someone just pass away and you got an inheritance?”)

TAT: What’s your favorite band? Sports team?

Scott: I prefer old-school country – George Jones, Hank Williams (anybody still have 8-track tapes?); St. Louis Cardinals

TAT: How did you first find out about TAT, and why do you feel it’s important to support or promote TAT?

Scott: Aside from the obvious, “It’s the right thing to do,” TAT works, and the results are tangible and measureable. Truckers and the transportation industry are in a unique position to really make a difference. TAT is a fantastic example of a grass-root effort and public/private partnership that works. Touch people’s hearts and sense of right by making them aware, provide them with the tools to make a difference and repeat! This type of model produces much better results than a typical government program or legislation.

TAT: Have you always been involved in social justice issues or is this new to you?

Scott: The term “social justice” conjures up differing opinions and emotions in today’s complicated world. I may be simple-minded, but I support and have been involved in issues and actions that help people find the tools and support they need to better themselves as determined by them, not someone else … things like being a Master Gardener and helping and teaching those about growing plants, etc., mission activities at church, theater and arts camps for under-served youth to help with confidence and self-esteem, etc. These kinds of volunteer initiatives seem to produce better and more meaningful results than many government programs/policies.


TAT: What is something new you have learned in the last year regarding human trafficking?

Scott: I’m still shocked and horrified when I see new statistics about the widespread prevalence of trafficking. I’m also amazed and gratified to know that the truckers and companies I work with are making an important difference.

TAT: Last question…how would you complete this sentence? I want to live in a world where…

Scott: People just take a breath, relax, laugh a little, do your best, and follow the Golden Rule.

 *Going the Extra Mile is dedicated to highlighting those individuals and companies who go above and beyond in their support of the TAT mission. To all the TAT Champions out there, we are grateful!


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