Photo purchased from iStock Getty Images

Photo purchased from iStock Getty Images

NASHVILLE, Tenn.–We tackle the ugly issue of the exploding child sex slave trade in Middle Tennessee.

Over the next several months, Fox 17 is committed to helping children trapped in this underworld in hopes of bringing more kids out of the shadows.

This is Taylor’s story and we want to warn you the material is graphic.

You’ve heard Nashville labeled an “it” city…”it” for tourism, “it” for opportunity and now…”it” for child sex too.

As the women in Taylor’s recovery group sing Happy Birthday to her, this 19 year old admits she’s lucky to even be alive.

Taylor says “I was like any other 16 year old girl. I just wanted to be loved. I was really vulnerable and I met a man who sold me a dream.”

A dream of love, security, a nice home.

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