Oct 2019

Four Kites

N2 Publishing in Wilmington, NC hosted the Freedom Drivers Project as a part of their Impact Week. N2Publishing has made giving back a part of who they are as a company and they are passionate about fighting human trafficking. N2Publishing through their giving arm, N2Gives is a Diamond Level Sponsor of TAT. In addition to making the Freedom Drivers Project available to their staff, they invited community members from all over Wilmington and put the word out to the press allowing us to reach so many more in the Wilmington area with the TAT message. Thank you, N2Publishing, for your dedication to this movement. Thank you UPS and Quality Carriers for hauling the Freedom Drivers Project!
News coverage:
https://www.wwaytv3.com/…/truckers-against-trafficking-sh…/- video

https://www.wwaytv3.com/…/freedom-drivers-project-brings-…/- video


https://www.wect.com/…/hidden-plain-sight-traveling-exhibi…/ – video

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