Dear God, I need you today. I acknowledge I cannot do all. I depend on you to help me get where I need to go. Help me not to get discouraged. I know your ways are perfect. Bless me with more Faith and Hope. Amen

As always it is such an honor and a privilege when Truckers Against Trafficking gives me the opportunity to share things about human trafficking and what we, as truck drivers, can do to help combat this hideous activity.

If you’re reading this and have not partnered with TAT, I just want to encourage you to get on board and join in this fight.

Truck drivers are on the front lines in this fight, We/You are the lifeline to these kids. You are their hope to getting back home. We are their ears, their eyes, and, above all, we are that voice that can bring them home. Just one simple call to the hotline is all it takes. 

Just a little bit about myself, My name is Rick Youngquist; I am an over-the-road driver. About five years ago through a sequence of events, I became a Trucker Against Trafficking, There is so much that we as truckers can do to help combat this epidemic. At the time that I became part of TAT, I wrestled with, God — why have you got me driving this truck, it keeps me from my wife, my kids, my church. Truckers Against Trafficking came into the picture. God said, “This is why you’re here, doing what you do.

Aside from making the call when we suspect unusual activity — making the call is so important — but if you feel that’s not enough like I do, and you just have to do more, telling fellow truck drivers, educating them on human trafficking, is a huge help. 

Personally myself, I have taken it upon myself with the support of TAT, as well as other groups, to raise awareness to human trafficking. For the last two years I have hosted one-day, human trafficking awareness seminars in an effort to raise awareness to this in my city and surrounding communities. And I will continue to do so every year. The main key in combating this is awareness, educating people on this, showing them this is happening right in our own backyards. Aside from that, on occasion, I have put together what I like to call I Care packages, and I send them to safe houses where girls have been rescued and are trying to get their lives back on track. I’ve helped to arrange for shipments to Chicago for a group called Free the Girls. Through all my efforts, whatever that may be, if just one girl gets rescued and God helps her to get her life back, to me everything I’ve done has been worth it.

The amount of compassion that I have for this fight, and  for my involvement with “Truckers Against Trafficking”, will no doubt exceed my life as a truck driver. Doing whatever I can, whenever I can, this is who I am. It’s all for the girls, (we won’t forget about the boys either); this is the fight that God has called me to. If you’re feeling that tug, jump in. These kids need you. Picture yourself throwing a life vest with a rope attached from your truck to a girl that is caught up in this; you are the one that they are looking for … someone to reach out to them and help them … make the call … don’t look the other way … don’t be silent. These kids need you.

Truckers Against Trafficking is a huge network of truckers that have said, “I want to help.” That’s what makes this work — truckers that really care, TAT will provide you with the resources. Truckers Against Trafficking has made such a huge difference in this thing they call human trafficking, because of truckers like you and me; that’s what makes it work.

There’s been a lot of progress made in this fight, but there’s a long way to go. I want to thank each and everyone who has read this and hope it will inspire you.   Thanks Rick Youngquist


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