This quarter’s Trucker to Trucker comes from Harold Doctor, a driver for Walmart Transportation!

About three years ago I was introduced to the Truckers Against Trafficking organization through a defensive driving class for all of our company drivers. After we looked at a 30 minute video about Human Trafficking, I became disgusted and appalled that there are people on this earth that would exploit children and young adults to this level.

A fellow driver, Jason Imhoff, did an event where he volunteered to pull the Truckers Against Trafficking trailer to his home state of Ohio to bring awareness to his community. Jason told me about the great responses he received from the event which prompted me to want to volunteer as well. In January 2016, myself and a fellow driver where able to pull the TAT trailer to Orlando, Florida to a Human Trafficking Awareness day. This was an all-day event where we learned a lot of information about sex trafficking being a $32 billion dollar industry, which is the second largest criminal activity in the world. Also we had a chance to meet and talk to actual victims.

For example, J. Manna was a victim of Human Trafficking in the State of Florida and was brainwashed at an early age. He lived in conditions that were deplorable and unacceptable. He soon realized that things weren’t right and made a move to get out. There are so many facets to these heinous crimes that are heart wrenching. The message behind all of this is that this could happen to any of us that have teenage daughters, sons, nieces and nephews. I want to challenge drivers all over this country and the world to PLEASE REPORT anything that DOESN’T LOOK RIGHT whether it is at a truck stop, delivery stop or wherever you might be. Being proactive and communicating these crimes can definitely help cut back on Human Trafficking.

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