We recognize that when children and youth are victimized in any way, including being enslaved in sex trafficking, the reaction is one of horror and outrage. And this is right and normal and good. But unfortunately, we have noticed that the outrage and horror fall off dramatically when the victim is an adult. Justifying their abuse, judging them, calling them names, and/or just ignoring the fact that they exist is not okay and reflects an incomplete understanding of sex trafficking and the devastation it brings on its victims. Age doesn’t matter here. And we’d challenge you not to see the number 18, 20, 25, 31, 34 or any other as the cutoff to your compassion. Traffickers and repeated violent rapes and assaults affect anyone who is subjected to them. We’d encourage you to continue to look at anyone who is being commercially sexually exploited and see the person that they are…to see the fellow human who is broken and may need your help. And remember, when you suspect human trafficking, no matter what the age of the victim:

Make the call, save lives!

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