Now, I know what I am about to say will not be popular. I understand the concept of an “eye for an eye” etc. I understand righteous anger. I understand wanting to make someone pay for their crimes. I also understand that, often times, the justice system gives too light of sentences to perpetrators, and it isn’t fair, especially based on the damage that they have done. That needs to change and we need consistency in sentencing and much tougher penalties for traffickers and buyers.

That being said, rape is wrong. Rape is evil. Rape is a very personal violation. We are against rape in every sense. On this page, we don’t tolerate jokes about raping people, comments that blame the victim, laughing off brutal violations of someone’s body and soul. And that includes prison rape jokes. While we want traffickers and buyers to go to prison and serve their time (a long time preferably), we don’t want them brutalized. We want them punished, but basic human rights should be extended to them even when it doesn’t feel like they should. 

I hate what buyers and traffickers do. I HATE the destruction they leave behind. I hate how they profit off of others. I hate the rapes and beatings they inflict on their victims. I hate it all which is why I am committed to the fight against human trafficking. I simply can’t be against rape for a select group of people and then support it for another no matter how heinous of a person they are. 

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