Going the Extra Mile

Cynthia Smith is the director of Out of Darkness Middle GA (OODMGA), an extension of Out of Darkness Atlanta. Their mission is to reach, rescue and restore all victims of commercial sexual exploitation, that the glory of God may be known. OODMGA partners with a local truck stop to conduct positive outreach with professional truck drivers, thanking them for their work moving America forward and educating them about human trafficking and how they can combat it. We appreciate that OODMGA goes the extra mile in raising awareness about domestic sex trafficking and sharing about Truckers Against Trafficking through their truck stop outreach.


TAT: Hi Cynthia, let’s start out by letting our readers get to know you a little better. What’s your favorite food?

Cynthia: Italian

TAT: Hobbies?

Cynthia: Exercising and reading

TAT: What’s your favorite music and sports team?

Cynthia: Worship music and the Georgia Bulldogs!

TAT: How do you support or promote TAT?

Cynthia: OODMGA promotes TAT by raising awareness about human trafficking to truck drivers at Pilot Truck stop in Warner Robins, GA. At least quarterly, a group of volunteers goes to the truck stop with homemade cookies & brownies for the truck drivers. Occasionally, volunteers grill hamburgers for the drivers. When we give the driver the baked goods, we hand him/her TAT wallet cards. If the truck drivers have time to talk, we thank them for the work they do, talk to them about human trafficking and go over some of the information in the wallet card. We also ask if they would like a decal and ask them to visit TAT’s website. If the driver does not have time to talk, we still put the information in his/her hands.

TAT: Why do you feel it is important to support/promote TAT?

Cynthia: The work TAT does is extremely important! Truck drivers are the eyes and ears of the highway. Simply putting the information in their hands helps save lives!

TAT:  Have you always been involved in social justice issues or is this new to you?

Cynthia: I first learned about human trafficking in 2008 on a mission trip to Moldova. Moldova is a developing country in Eastern Europe whose number one export is people. I could not comprehend that kind of evil. I started learning everything I could about human trafficking. What I learned is that human trafficking not only happens in developing countries, but in every country and state: United States, Georgia, Atlanta and middle Georgia. My life was truly changed. I began telling others what I had learned & got involved in ministries that were making a difference. Finally, in 2014, OODMGA was founded.

TAT: Last question….how would you complete this sentence? I want to live in a world where…

Cynthia: I want to live in a world where everyone is free.

*Going the Extra Mile is dedicated to highlighting those individuals and companies who go above and beyond in their support of the TAT mission. To all the TAT Champions out there, we are grateful!

Volunteers of Out of the Darkness talking to a professional truck driver at their latest truck stop outreach. 

Volunteers of Out of the Darkness talking to a professional truck driver at their latest truck stop outreach. 

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