Hello drivers, my name is Ken, and I have been trucking for 30 plus years. I would like to share a little information with you all about a great organization that I have taken a great bit of fancy to!!!! Drivers, if you are reading this you already know about Truckers Against Trafficking. What I want to share with you is how to get more involved. After seeing this first-hand, and understanding it more through the TAT materials, I couldn’t just do nothing!!!! Now drivers I have been trucking for a long time and didn’t even know what I was seeing all of these years! Now I see something totally different as if I got new glasses.
I am asking you to get involved with your company and let’s not just watch anymore. These are someone’s kids. I personally have taken it to our HR department and she’s working with the safety and orientation classes to educate the new hires. And I share the TAT message and materials with friends as well. When I meet a driver and they ask about my TAT stickers, I tell them what it is about. When other drivers find out about it, they want some too. I always say, “I GOT SOME IN THE TRUCK AND WILL GLADLY GIVE THEM TO YOU.” Drivers it is making a difference. Driver, I am asking you to stop looking the other way. This is a very serious thing!!!!!! TALK TO PEOPLE, TALK TO YOUR COMPANY, AND MAKE THE CALL!!!!! THEY ARE SOMEONE’S CHILDREN. 1-888-3737-888  HAVE A GREAT DAY AND GOD BLESS!!!!!

Ken Jones

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