A truck driver is being hailed as a hero after alerting authorities of a young girl who had been kidnapped, as he was parked in a truck stop in New Kent, Virginia.

The driver, who has not yet be named, was at the Pilot truck stop off Route 106 near I-64, when he saw a suspicious man walking between his RV to the convenience store several times. On one of the occasions, a young woman peeked her head out of the RV and was abruptly shoved back in.

That’s when the driver decided to do some investigative work and noticed a loud commotion from inside the RV. He called 911 right away.

Multiple state and local police officers arrived at the scene and determined the young girl was kidnapped from Iowa several weeks ago. According to the Chronicle, the girl had been branded with an iron and suffered several burns. The man and the woman with her have been arrested.

The details regarding the specific charges, and identity of those involved have not yet been released.


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