A sex trafficker, a pimp, will go to the mall in search of a group of girls. When he finds one, he’ll scan the group to see which girl he perceives has the lowest self-esteem. For this, he’ll rely on analyzing their body language. He won’t go for the conventionally attractive one or the least attractive one—he’ll approach the average girl. He’ll choose the one he thinks he could potentially coerce later—once he’s charmed her. He’ll tell her: “You have beautiful eyes.” If she says, “Thank you,” he won’t pursue her. If she says, “No, I don’t,” that’s his cue. She’s the girl, and so the process to get her on the streets or online (or both) begins.

The aforementioned scenario was described by an FBI agent to Demand Abolition, a Cambridge-based program working to reduce the demand for paid sex in America.

To read more: http://sparechangenews.net/2015/05/sex-trade-cease-boston-combats-local-sex-trafficking/

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