Parent of daughters

by Linda Caffee

When I look at our adult daughters and what they have made of their lives, I imagine how different it could have been for them if they had become runaways. 

Our daughters were no different than other children or any different than I was as a teenager. At one moment they rebelled, and, in the next second, they were the loving and trusting daughters we were raising. As I learn more about human trafficking I ask myself, “What If …?”

What if as a teenager the wrong person had approached me when I was thinking my mom and grandparents were only put on this earth to tell me “NO.” I was also taught to trust adults and their good intentions for all children. How easily would I have fallen for a silky, trusting voice, agreeing with me that my life was miserable, and he or she could make it better?

Our daughters were raised to respect and trust adults … as no adult would intentionally hurt them.  If they were in trouble, they were taught to turn to another adult for help or to turn to the police for help. What if the wrong person had started feeding them information?

I believe that with the education of Truckers Against Trafficking and, as Knights of the Highway, we are there to give them that helping hand. As a parent and a truck driver, we have to see through the makeup and see to the core of the person standing on the running boards. We could very easily be their last chance for that helping hand to get them out of a bad situation. 

As Knights of the Highway, it is up to us to look at the person knocking at our door in the middle of the night and do something about it. Do the right thing make the call — 1-888-3737-888.


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