Let me speak to the point…it doesn’t matter if the minor being prostituted “looks like a prostitute,” “shouldn’t be wearing make-up,” “must have bad parents,” or “acts like she enjoys being out there.” If the person being prostituted is under the age of 18, they are a trafficking victim, and comments like these put blame on the victim and not on the grown men buying her or on the trafficker(s) selling her. It is wrong, and these attitudes are what HELP trafficking to flourish and make it harder for a victim to ask for help.
Likewise, if an adult is being sold for commercial sex and force, fraud or coercion has been used to put them out there and/or keep them there, they are also a victim of human trafficking. If a third party (pimp/trafficker) is compelling them to sell sex and then taking their money, it doesn’t matter if the adult has a substance addiction, has been out there for years, acts like she enjoys being out there, looks like a prostitute, etc. They are a victim.
If you suspect it, MAKE THE CALL in the moment you see it.
Make the call, save lives!

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