Become a TAT today.

Domestic sex trafficking. It’s happening all across our nation. As a professional truck driver, the nature of your job puts you in a unique position to help combat this crime. We’re counting on the millions of honorable men and women of this great industry to help us make a difference: closing loopholes to traffickers, assisting in the arrest of perpetrators, and enabling the recovery of victims. 

Get educated. Be empowered. Make the call and change a life.



Step one

Watch our complete training video above. 

SteP Two

After watching the training, take a short quiz to demonstrate your knowledge on this issue. 

Step Three

Upon passing the quiz, a personalized certificate will be emailed to you, recognizing that you have completed the Truckers Against Trafficking training program and that you are now an official “TAT.” Upon receipt of your certificate, you will also be able to request a TAT decal and wallet card.

If you have questions about the process or need help, please email us at