THANK YOU TRUCKERS!!!  We will have one giveaway each day this week culminating in a Blue Tiger Bluetooth elite headset giveaway on Saturday. These prizes are for professional drivers ONLY and for drivers here in the continental US. One winner per week! Stay tuned!!!

A little Monday Motivation for you!“When you see a man or woman walking the streets or working the lot, how do you see them? Do you see a weed or a flower? Do you look at these people with disgust and annoyance or do you look at them and see what is beautiful and valuable? We hope you see the flower because, at the end of the day every person

Our Trucker Against Trafficking highlight for the ‪#‎sTATe‬ of the week,‪#‎Kentucky‬, is Jan McCarter. When we asked Jan why she is as TAT, she said, “Sometimes the things we see aren’t always what they seem! When I was first introduced to Kendis from Truckers Against Trafficking a few years back in Memphis, I learned the truth about human trafficking. I learned that the assumptions and judgements I had been making for

Truth! We must stand against the trafficking of all. Make the call, save lives!1-888-3737-888

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