If you see or hear:1. Anyone underage being prostituted2. Evidence of pimp control no matter the age of the prostituted person3. A vehicle/RV/van parked where they normally aren’t and men coming to and from it4. A car driving to a cab of a truck, dropping someone off, and coming back 15-30 minutes later to pick them up5. Men coming in and out of a motel/hotel 15-30 minutes later and then

Stephanie Harris was working as a prostitute for two years before she met the man who would become her pimp. He wouldn’t let her eat or go home until she met her quota for the day. Sometimes, she was left on Aurora Avenue in Seattle for 16 to 18 hours at a time. “After I left my pimp, I really did attempt to clean up my act,” Harris told lawmakers

Two men and one woman were arrested on Mardi Gras day in Biloxi for human trafficking. Lt. Aldon Helmert with the Biloxi Police Department said it all started when officers were investigating a missing child report. “After the juvenile was located, evidence was discovered indicating the juvenile had been and was being subjected to commercial sexual activity by three adults,” said Helmert in a press release. To read more: http://www.wdam.com/story/31184727/missing-child-report-leads-to-human-trafficking-arrests


Feb 2016

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Sex buyers are the driving force behind all sex trafficking and prostitution. Without the buyers’ currency, these industries—which harm vulnerable people and bring crime into our communities—wouldn’t exist. People will tell you that prostitution and sex trafficking are wildly different, but believe me when I tell you they are much closer than most people understand. You cannot separate prostitution and sex trafficking, because prostitution is where sex trafficking happens. And