Aug 2018

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday! What do you call it? Shared from 5Bravo

Court records say authorities found more evidence of sex trafficking and prostitution after raiding a trio of Spokane massage parlors two weeks ago. In a search warrant filed Wednesday in Spokane County Superior Court, Detective Daniel McDonald of the Washington State Patrol wrote that detectives found used tissues in trash cans that appeared to have dried DNA, a suitcase full of cash, and a cellphone with explicit video. Detectives also

When you lack security, food, shelter and a sense of belonging, both traffickers and BUYERS of commercial sex are looking to exploit these kids’ vulnerability. We can do better! http://truckersagainsttrafficking.org/man-to-man-campaign/

Investigators arrested 21 alleged child-sexual predators in the Puyallup area in a sting operation spearheaded by the Pierce County and the Washington State Patrol. It’s the 13th operation around the state targeting online predators called ‘Net Nanny.’ Investigators said at least four of the suspects in the latest operation had access to more than 10 children at-risk of abuse. The ‘Net Nanny’ operations began in August of 2015, has totaled

Survivor Thoughts from Alice Jay!