Oct 2018

Trucker Tuesday

We are so excited to see TAT’s newest program, Busing on the Lookout being embraced by those in the busing industry! (Follow BOTL on FB) ATLANTA – One of the largest bus companies in North America is training its drivers to recognize when passengers may be victims of human trafficking. Coach USA, which operates 25 bus lines across the country, has joined Busing on the Lookout, a national initiative to combat human

A one-day sweep by several law enforcement agencies in a Michigan county resulted in the recovery of 123 missing children, the U.S. Marshals Service said in a news release. The initiative, called MiSafeKid, took place on Sept. 26 in Wayne County. There were 301 files of missing children, and the children recovered were physically located, recovered safely and interviewed during the operation, the U.S. Marshals Service said in its release.

ATLANTA (CBS46) – A major new player has signed up for the fight against human sex and labor trafficking. The ride-sharing company, Lyft, will be training their drivers to spot possible victims of human sex and trafficking. Officials tell CBS46 Atlanta is one of the one worst cities for illegal sex trafficking, and the crime typically spikes during big sporting events like the Super Bowl. Lyft drivers number in the

According to Anka Rising, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to combat and eradicate modern-day slavery, that is the estimated number of men, women, and children who daily find themselves exploited sexually for the commercial benefit of others. And, while the sale of humans is only third on the list of the world’s largest illegal trade commodities, the industry is growing faster than the drugs and weapons industries, respectively the