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Have you witnessed sex trafficking? Your first response is probably “no.” But many of us have seen it — we just didn’t realize it at the time. Maybe you remember a friend that suddenly started coming to school with much nicer clothes and a new cellphone, which she said were “gifts” from someone older. Or you may recall that guy who seemed a little bit too old to be dating

CHENNAI: Sex trafficking survivors in the country are making audio recordings about their experiences to be used in a social media campaign, which organisers hope will reduce discrimination that follows them even after they escape the trade. Of an estimated 20 million commercial sex workers in the country, 16 million women and girls are victims of trafficking, according to campaigners. Survivors are widely discriminated against after being rescued, and choose

TULSA, Oklahoma – Fiesta Mart is trying to help fight human trafficking in Green Country. The convenience store is training its employees on how to spot and help victims. Research shows traffickers may bring their victims to convenience stores for food, fuel, cigarettes, condoms, or to simply clean up in the restroom. “It’s an ongoing and growing problem in our communities,” said Duff Thompson from Fiesta Mart. “We serve both

CANFIELD, OH (WKBN) – Twelve men were arrested as part of a three-day undercover operation into child sexual exploitation and sex trafficking. Among the men who were arrested is 24-year-old James Norkus, a physical education teacher at Kirkmere Elementary School in Youngstown. Norkus has been suspended without pay from Youngstown City Schools after news of the charges was released. The school district says it won’t take any action during the