I have personally been out of “the life” for 12 years. I do not consider that a long time at all. Although the critic in me thinks it has been long enough for me to get my shit together and be capable of being a wife, daughter, mother, leader, advocate, friend etc. ( I’m going on my fourth divorce) All without issue of course. I am a perfectionist only with

Empowered Self-Care: How Mindfulness and Self-Kindness Reduce Trauma, by Marti MacGibbon, CADC-II, ACRPS When you join the movement to combat human trafficking, you’re likely to encounter trauma or traumatic material. This is true whether you’re a human trafficking survivor, an advocate, or both. Even if you’re a concerned citizen learning for the first time about the violence committed by traffickers, you can be exposed to and affected by trauma. No

This month’s ITK blog comes from Alisa Bernard, and this powerful blog speaks to unity amongst all those who have been sexually assaulted and exploited.  #MeToo… but you don’t see us like you see you. For some reason, my #MeToo counts less than other women’s, because my rapes were paid for. But I want to challenge you in your thinking on this, because money didn’t inoculate me against the violence.

It’s time for our December In the Know: A Survivor’s Perspective blog! This one is written by Kyra Doubek, and she has some great advice for parents and educators to help safeguard their kids from trafficking!         “There are a variety of topics I could write about or speak to as a survivor working in this movement to end commercial sexual exploitation. It’s difficult to discern what

The Familial Sex-Trafficked Child by Vicki Dalia Two of my boys are truckers. Like most in the business, after trucking school, they started off doing the long-distance haul. They were away from home and loved ones for days at a time and occasionally spent a night at a truck stop. They told me of the knock on the door. “Are you lonely? Do you want some company?” Of course, they knew what that solicitation meant. It