Hello drivers, my name is Ken, and I have been trucking for 30 plus years. I would like to share a little information with you all about a great organization that I have taken a great bit of fancy to!!!! Drivers, if you are reading this you already know about Truckers Against Trafficking. What I want to share with you is how to get more involved. After seeing this first-hand,

Sex Trafficking Survivors need Housing First      As a survivor of “The Life” of Sex Trafficking here in the States I know first hand how difficult it is to get out and stay out for good. The many times I escaped from my pimp I would find myself alone, scared, with no where to go. Often times I would pack up my stuff and secretly leave when he wasn’t home.

My name is Tim Coon, and I have been driving for close to eight years. I’ve seen my fair share of everything the road has to offer, and I’ve suffered the same. Driving truck isn’t for everybody, but at one point we were viewed as the “angels of the highway”. I had heard stories while sitting at the truck stop counter about the girls that “worked” the lot, but had

I can’t tell you how important being able to vacate criminal backgrounds is for victims of human sex trafficking. Many who have been forced into this life have been to jail. Going to jail is part of being prostituted.  Prostitution is illegal in almost every state. As a country we have chosen to punish the victims more than the perpetrators. Historically when the police have found 2 people engaging in

From driver Tony Green: “As we grow older and look back on our life, most of us will have some regrets, if only minor ones. It’s not always what we did or said but rather what we didn’t say or do… Like most I have my own regrets. I regret that there wasn’t a Truckers Against Trafficking when I first started trucking. I regret that I didn’t know what human