To follow the complete sTATe of the sTATes campaign, please follow us on Instagram or Twitter (@Tatkylla)! Our Trucker Against Trafficking highlight for the ‪#‎sTATe‬ of the week,‪#‎Florida‬, is Ken Jones! When we asked Ken why he’s a TAT he told us, “I’m a TAT because no one should have to be subjected to this type of crime.” He also wanted to remind truckers to always remember that anyone they see out

Do we only care about trafficking victims if they are white and middle class?Will we only act if the one being hurt looks like us and lives in our neighborhood?Do we justify someone’s victimization by where they were born, their economic class, sexual identity or the color of their skin? Saying to ourselves, what else can be expected…Do we dismiss someone as a victim once they turn 18? 20? 30? Do


Feb 2015

ACT Expo

TAT will be at the ACT Expo on May 4-7. Check it out and see if you can attend as well!

Now how’s that for a #TruckerTuesday post? smile emoticon Thanks for all you do for us! Enjoy your day.

Very happy to announce that the South Carolina Trucking Association has officially partnered with Truckers Against Trafficking! We look forward to working with the SCTA!TAT is now partnering with 3/4 of all state trucking associations. We have 1/4 to go, but are so excited to see how the trucking industry is taking a stand in the fight against human trafficking! Thanks, SCTA!