I’ve been mulling over this topic for quite some time, but this morning it became increasingly clear to me that I must say something. Folks, stranger danger is a real thing. And even more real today than it was ten years ago thanks to, you guessed it, the internet. I speak specifically to the parents of kids old enough to be on social media. Of course, I am no such

THE DAY I TESTIFIED BEFORE THE SENATE PANEL. PHOTO: MARIE THOMAS Growing up, I was an adventurous, fun-loving kid. I did well in school, was on the track, basketball, and swimming teams, and pretty popular. But after I moved from Iowa to Georgia at age 17, I felt alone for the first time. I didn’t know anyone at school, so I turned to the Internet for people to talk to.

Rep. Loudenbeck’s website State lawmakers hope to close a loophole in laws against child sex trafficking. The goal of a bill that got a hearing this week is to ensure that child victims who are rescued get referred for services. Under current law, child victims of sex trafficking aren’t automatically eligible for services that are available to other victims of child abuse, and sex traffickers aren’t covered under the child

A little Monday Motivation for you! I know it seems overwhelming sometimes when you look at the complexities of the issue…the social structures that need to change, the societal attitudes that need to shift, laws, services, etc. etc. But this is doable. Keep speaking up, keep sharing posts that are important to you, keep supporting and volunteering and helping. And if you suspect human trafficking, make the call! Make the

(WEAR) – Human trafficking expert Marina Anderson told Channel Three News the majority of human trafficking in Northwest Florida is sex trafficking, with most of the victims being transported right along I-10. Anderson knows this reality all too well. She was a Florida Child Protective Investigator for thirteen years before joining the Office of Child Welfare in 2015. Anderson said sex trafficking peaks during big events like concerts, political rallies