A little Monday Motivation for you! Make today count. And remember that the things you do that value the dignity of others, and those action steps you take to aid in the recovery of victims of human trafficking are some of the things that count…and count for a lot. Make the call, save lives!1-888-3737-888

We appreciate you all year long, but we have enjoyed participating in this Driver Appreciation Week! We hope you have had a wonderful week!

Our ‪#‎Trucker‬ Against Trafficking highlight for the ‪#‎sTATe‬ of the week,‪#‎Alabama‬, is Shelle Lichte. When we asked Shelle why she is a TAT, she said, “I am a huge advocate and supporter of TAT both as a trucker and as a woman. I had the ability to choose who I would become and to make that happen, but there is a seemingly never ending line of faces of abused young ladies who have


Sep 2015

Justice RUN!

Colorado Residents, here’s a fun way to support TAT and show your community you run for justice!!!!

Starting off our Friday right! Hoping each of you gets home to family and friends soon!