When I was 14 years old, I was lured away from home by a man I met at a New Jersey shopping mall. This man told me that I was pretty enough to be a model and that I was too mature for high school. It was the summer after my eighth grade middle school graduation, and I feared high school. I was afraid of getting beat up in the

CHICAGO – Xyza Bacani, a former domestic worker in Hong Kong turned street and documentary photographer recently visited Chicago where she met her fans with one mission in mind.“Labor trafficking is everywhere,” said Bacani. “We have no idea that we’re talking to a victim, and most of the time they themselves don’t even know they are victims,” she said.Bacani now works for Redux, a photo agency in New York that

Before I write anything more, I’d like you to read this. “I become more beautiful in the echo of twinkling strings of streetlights… in the disseminated fabric of a city that lives and breathes with the romance of the artist.” And this. “My eyes are ink stains eating up the structure of my face. It’s a horrible way to be beautiful with yourself parasitically consuming itself, in public. How am

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In February, Senator Grassley (R-Iowa) and Senator Whitehouse (D-Rhode Island) called upon the Senate to pass important juvenile justice reform by reauthorizing the Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Act (JJDPA). The JJDPA is the only piece of federal legislation that governs juvenile justice across the country, and provides critical funding and guidance for states. The JJDPA hasn’t been reauthorized in over ten years, despite the fact that this past decade