A sex trafficker, a pimp, will go to the mall in search of a group of girls. When he finds one, he’ll scan the group to see which girl he perceives has the lowest self-esteem. For this, he’ll rely on analyzing their body language. He won’t go for the conventionally attractive one or the least attractive one—he’ll approach the average girl. He’ll choose the one he thinks he could potentially

From Windie Lazenko, Survivor Leader and Founder/CEO of 4Her

One of the most common misconceptions about human trafficking is that it happens to people who enter the United States illegally – people who don’t have the legal protections and safety net of the U.S. government. But in reality, even people who come into this country legally are at risk for human trafficking. In fact, foreign nationals who come into the United States on temporary work visas are exceptionally vulnerable

We’ve shared this whole series of reports which is focused on international labor trafficking. It is well-done, and even though our focus at TAT is domestic sex trafficking, it is very important to understand labor trafficking on both a local and global scale. Lawlessness offshore often stems from corruption onshore. Thousands of ships and boats are stolen each year around the world – sometimes through port scams or while at

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