When people and organizations like Amnesty International call for the FULL decriminalization/legalization of prostitution, they aren’t protecting those being prostituted. They are removing obstacles for pimps/traffickers and the buyers of commercial sex. They are making it socially acceptable and subsequently increasing demand.  Support the decriminalization of the prostituted person. Offer services and help. But go after buyers and traffickers.


Nov 2015

TAT’s Impact

Trafficking happens in so many industries, and we are so proud to know that the trucking industry is taking an active stand against it versus burying its head.

Happy #TruckerTuesday! Here’s a classic for your day!


Nov 2015

TAT tats!

We have TAT temporary tattoos! As we draw closer to the end of the year, and you are considering your charitable contributions, please know that a $10 donation to TAT will also get you a TAT tat! We’d love for you to take a picture and send it in. Get TAT tatted!