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Feb 2018


Does your company have Mexico based operations? Get anti-trafficking training with Consejo Ciudadano Mx (TAT’s partner in Mexico) through their transportation specific program, Guardianes del Asfalto!

Human trafficking charges have been filed against a California man who allegedly used drugs and violence to coerce Kansas City-area women into prostitution. Ronald Ean Taylor is charged in a federal grand jury indictment unsealed Monday with six counts of sex trafficking of an adult by force, fraud or coercion and four counts of transporting a person across state lines for prostitution. Also named in the indictment is 33-year-old Kimberly

Hundreds of illicit massage parlors in our area are involved in human trafficking, according to a new report.Polaris, a non-profit group based in Washington, DC that tracks modern day slavery, released a 100 page report on human trafficking in illicit massage businesses. The report states that more than 9,000 illicit massage parlors, which are actually fronts for human trafficking, are operating in the United States and creating a total revenue