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Four years ago, Hollie Daniels was prosecuted in the Franklin County courts for prostitution. Today, she works for the prosecutor’s office as a domestic violence advocate. Daniels, a 36-year-old human trafficking survivor and current student at Columbus State, told her story Saturday in Curl Hall at the third-annual fashion show hosted by Unchained OSU, an undergraduate student organization that seeks to spread awareness of human trafficking. With more than 150

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For weeks, Michelle Kaighn thought her daughter might be dead. The 20-year-old ran away from an Egg Harbor City drug rehabilitation house with at least two other women around mid-October, Kaighn said. Then Kaighn’s daughter suddenly stopped answering phone calls. The three women ended up at a Circle K gas station in Atlantic City, where they met El Joshua, a 36-year-old man who offered them food and drugs, according to