Warning: this story contains descriptions that are disturbing. Authorities in Mexico this weekend arrested two people they say were involved in a human trafficking operation. They rescued 24 young women who are from Colombia and Venezuela. This incident underscores how most of us understand human trafficking – as an international crime. But authorities in Texas are deepening their understanding of human trafficking as a local crime.Ask Toni McKinley about anything


Feb 2018

Trucker Tuesday!

Hundreds of illicit massage parlors in our area are involved in human trafficking, according to a new report.Polaris, a non-profit group based in Washington, DC that tracks modern day slavery, released a 100 page report on human trafficking in illicit massage businesses. The report states that more than 9,000 illicit massage parlors, which are actually fronts for human trafficking, are operating in the United States and creating a total revenue

A Washington state man arrested with two teenage girls near Green River last month has been charged with sex trafficking, according to federal court records. David Peter Vier, 63, heard the single count of “transportation of minors with intent to engage in criminal sexual activity” during his initial appearance in U.S. District Court in Cheyenne on Wednesday. U.S. Magistrate Judge Kelly Rankin ordered Vier, in the custody of the Federal

TAT was featured in this article…a systems change making a difference! The idea of systems change is gaining momentum. The social sector is improving its tools and frameworks for systems change, and Co-Impact’s recent announcement to invest $500 million in systems change initiatives is set to spark serious interest in the donor community. Ashoka, a global network of more than 3,500 social entrepreneurs, has always linked the notion of social