Dec 2019

Trucker Tuesday!

Where are you at today? Happy #TruckerTuesday!

This past summer, the world stopped for a moment in collective horror when ultrawealthy financier and registered sex offender Jeffrey Epstein was once again indicted on a charge of child sex trafficking and sexual abuse of young girls. His ties to the rich and powerful were splashed across tabloids, reflecting a garish political soap opera. Most of the media coverage focused largely on Epstein’s connections from across the political spectrum,

SHEBOYGAN, WI (WHBL) – A human trafficking investigation in Sheboygan County has led to the arrest of a Tennessee trucker. According to the State Patrol, 53 year old Dennis Mutters was arrested last month near a Sheboygan gas station after an officer spotted him with what appeared to be an underage girl. Investigators say the 17 year old girl told police that Mutters was a friend and had met with

From November 1-December 31, Sapp Bros., Inc. is holding a fundraiser for Truckers Against Trafficking! Sapp Bros. has been a long time partner of TAT, and this year they’ve launched a multi-prong approach to combating trafficking including their Help Now campaign and an educational series offered at select locations. Stop by ANY Sapp Bros. throughout the nation to check out what they’re doing and also make a contribution to TAT! Thank you,

HOUSTON—The domestic sex-trafficking industry is growing in the United States. It is well-organized and well-networked, and predators employ masterful manipulation techniques to gain mental and physical control of their targets. In Texas alone, more than 79,000 children are being trafficked for sex, according to a study by the University of Texas at Austin. Sex-trafficking survivor Courtney Litvak became a target at her suburban high school in Katy, Texas. She had