Our ‪#‎Trucker‬ Against Trafficking highlight for the ‪#‎sTATe‬ of the week,‪#‎Alabama‬, is Shelle Lichte. 
When we asked Shelle why she is a TAT, she said, “I am a huge advocate and supporter of TAT both as a trucker and as a woman. I had the ability to choose who I would become and to make that happen, but there is a seemingly never ending line of faces of abused young ladies who have had the ability to make that choice taken from them. To me, this is the same as child abuse. If you see, hear, or suspect that another person is being abused it is up to you to take that step to STOP it from continuing to happen. No person should have to pay for another person’s greed with their body.”

Thank you for your passionate stance against trafficking and for being a TAT! We are so glad to have you on our team, Shelle!

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