“For girls who have experienced incest, sex abuse, or rape, the boundaries between love, sex, and pain become blurred. Secrets are normal, and shame is constant. The lessons learned during sexual abuse are valuable ones for recruitment into the commercial sex industry. As Andrea Dworkin once said, “Incest is boot camp for prostitution.” Numerous studies estimate that 70 to 90 percent of commercially exploited youth and adult women in the sex industry were sexually abused prior to their recruitment. No other industry can boast of such a large correlation between early sexual abuse and future “employment.” 
Sexual abuse lays the groundwork. The pimp, the trafficker doesn’t need to do much training. It’s already been done—by her father, her uncle, her mother’s boyfriend, her teacher. She’s well prepared for what’s to come.”

From Rachel Lloyd’s incredible book, “Girls Like Us” pg. 85

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