Often when we post stories about a trafficker being sentenced for his/her crimes or about a trafficking case being brought to trial, there is an understandable cry for justice. Everyone wants the traffickers sentenced to life in prison or the death penalty. 
However, reaction is mixed when we post a story about the buyers of sex. If the buyer is purchasing a child, there is definite outrage, but if they are buying someone 18 or older, there is often much more leniency and sometimes an outright defense of their action. 
Let us be clear…human traffickers exist because there is a market for humans. That market is dictated BY the buyer. Buyers want girls, boys, women and men to purchase for their own sexual desires. When we defend them, let them off with a slap on the wrist, justify their actions, blame the women for “tempting them” and degrading men by characterizing them as not being able to control themselves, we feed the culture that creates traffickers and trafficking victims. 
The buyer of commercial sex is who allows for this victimization to occur. 
Desire justice for the trafficker, yes…but that requires justice being brought to bear against the buyer as well. The trafficker would not exist without him.

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