At MATS this year we had a $100 Visa gift card giveaway, and our winners are drivers Danny and Cheryl W. of Pennsylvania! This was what they had to say about what they saw.

“Danny and I were very happy to see the great work and dedication that Truckers Against Trafficking had while displaying their Freedom Drivers Project at the Mid American Truck Show this year in 2015. We were very pleased to see the video they showed to us, and we learned some new information on how to help these people in need. Most importantly we as truckers need to keep our eyes open and spread the word to other truckers to do the same. If we feel that we see something suspicious and can ask that person safely if they need help, then we should. If we feel like the situation is not safe then we should call the police for help. Always remember that if this was you in need of help in this trafficking situation, then you would want someone to help you. So all of you out there please remember JESUS LOVES US ALL and wants us to ALWAYS look out for each other, and treat each other equally. Thanks and May God Bless You All, and keep you safe always while you’re trucking.”

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