Community experts say we are in the “cross hairs” when it comes to human trafficking nation wide.

Awareness changes attitudes about fire risks
Police say predators target children for the multi-billion dollar business right here in Wichita.

We spoke to a woman who says several in Wichita are dedicating their work to fixing and preventing this problem.

ICT S.O.S says the number of victims keeps going up every year in Wichita. Organizers that say number is higher in part because of more people reporting, but their goal is to work with police to bring those numbers down.

“The average age of entry is between 12 and 14,” Jennifer White, Executive Director ICT S.O.S said. “So if we can go in and talk to them about healthy relationships and messages and what trafficking looks like.”

White says the biggest weapon against crime is conversation.

To read more: http://www.kwch.com/news/local-news/bringing-awareness-to-human-trafficking-in-wichita/37639624

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