(Photo: KING)

(Photo: KING)

“It’s a sacred space,” says Martha Linehan.

Martha’s a therapist and arts coordinator at OPS, which stands for Organization for Prostitution Survivors.

Every Saturday, OPS opens its doors and invites survivors to take part in an arts workshop.

“I can say a lot of things through my art that I would never say out loud,” says survivor Rekina, who walked through the doors at OPS a year and a half ago. She found that creating art calmed and comforted her.

Rekina created a piece called Breathe Serenity.

I asked her about it, if she breathes serenity now.

“Being a survivor, having PTSD, learning how to cope with it during my daily life, it’s just…it’s been a struggle to have that serenity, that calmness,” she says, “that peace.”

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