If you see or hear:
1. Anyone underage being prostituted
2. Evidence of pimp control no matter the age of the prostituted person
3. A vehicle/RV/van parked where they normally aren’t and men coming to and from it
4. A car driving to a cab of a truck, dropping someone off, and coming back 15-30 minutes later to pick them up
5. Men coming in and out of a motel/hotel 15-30 minutes later and then spending the night in their cabs
6. CB chatter about commercial company or exchanges of “roses” for a date
7. Prostituted people saying they have to make a quota or that their “daddy” needs money
8. Evidence of branding tattoos

Please call the hotline and tell them what you see. These are all indicators or clear evidence of human trafficking. 1-888-3737-888

If you can, take a picture with your phone, jot down license plates and descriptions of cars to be able to share with the authorities. If you can describe the occupants of the cars or the people being prostituted, or the pimps/traffickers, this is all helpful information. Give exact dates and times.

Trust your gut.

Make the call, save lives!

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