In an effort to expand their commitment to fight human trafficking and to continue to raise awareness of the crime throughout the trucking industry and general public, Snider Fleet Solutions (SFS) ( has purchased the first 200 Truckers Against Trafficking (TAT) stickers to be sold, and will be affixing them to their delivery trailers in the coming weeks.
The 11×14 inch mega stickers, which sell individually for $10 including postage, are discounted when purchased in bulk by large fleets. They are available from the new Truckers Against Trafficking online store at:

The stickers, shown below, are black, blue and chrome colored, and include the TAT logo, the National Human Trafficking Hotline number 1-888-3737-888 and TAT’s motto: Make the Call. Save Lives.
Tony Mullen, SFS logistics and purchasing manager, is also president of a non-profit organization called Crossroads Compassion Project (, which provides a safe house in the country of Moldova for young girls who are vulnerable to being trafficked. The Crossroads Compassion Project provides free public showings of a documentary on human trafficking in America to raise awareness of this crime. At one of these events, Mullen was discussing ways to raise awareness with a professional truck driver and the idea for the decals emerged. “The driver told me that truck drivers spend their day staring at the back of the trailers in front of them and a light bulb went off,” explained Mullen. “Why not put decals on the back of trailers and other vehicles that travel our highways, where they will be seen day in and day out by thousands of people,” he added.

“Because TAT is so well connected in the transportation industry, and we’re already using TAT materials in a variety of ways, we thought it would be wonderful if we could partner on these stickers,” Mullen stated. “Snider Fleet Solutions wants to lead by example, including fighting human trafficking. We would also like to engage our customers by forming partnerships with them and encouraging them to get their drivers educated by TAT and displaying these decals on their fleets. There is strength in numbers. I think that together, through this project, we can blanket North America with a strong message that we do not approve of what is happening around us, nor will we turn a blind eye to it. We will stand, united in the fight against human trafficking.”

Kendis Paris, TAT’s Executive Director, stated, “We are thrilled to have Snider Fleet Solutions step up and become the first fleet in the nation to carry these striking new stickers on the back of their delivery trailers. We hope every fleet owner will check out our stickers at our online store, which launches today, and consider purchasing them for each of their trailers. I welcome the opportunity to discuss fleet discounts with them. We also hope every owner/operator will also consider putting one on either their trailers or tractors.” In addition to the mega stickers, TAT’s online store will also sell specialty TAT clothing. TAT’s training materials and side-window decals will continue to be provided free-of-charge to members of the trucking industry.

Snider Fleet Solutions currently operates six manufacturing facilities, 40+ commercial and/or mechanical service locations and has over 800 employees located in nine states. With their strategically located plants, they can effectively service trucking fleet locations in approximately 30 states. SFS is recognized as an industry leader in providing innovative outsourcing alternatives to large, multi-location trucking fleets. Truckers Against Trafficking ( is a 501c3 organization that exists to educate, equip, empower and mobilize the trucking industry to fight human trafficking as part of their regular jobs. For more information on SFS or copies of the decal images below, contact: Susan Payne, Brand Manager at (336)510-3986 For more information on TAT, the TAT online store or bulk discount on stickers, contact: Kendis Paris, TAT executive director, (720) 202-1037

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