Helen Van Dam joins TAT as new director of the Freedom Drivers Project

Helen Van Dam, the former events and communications manager for iEmpathize, a non-profit organization focused on preventing the abuse and exploitation of children, is the new director for TAT’s Freedom Drivers Project (FDP). Van Dam, who has worked four major trucking shows with TAT in the past few years, as well as a customer appreciation day at the Davis Travel Center in Virginia, learned about human trafficking while a student at the University of Colorado, Boulder. She knew she wanted to do all she could to fight for the freedom of others. During her junior and senior years, she became the leader of CU Students Against Modern-day Slavery and received a grant to complete a summer research project on human trafficking organizations in Russia. Meanwhile, she also volunteered and interned for iEmpathize, eventually becoming a full-time team member in May 2012. 

“I wanted to work as the FDP director, because I love walking with people through the realization of what human trafficking is and that it’s happening in America and then helping them see how they are a vital part of ending it,” explained Van Dam. “I love empowering others with the tools to make an impact on this issue in their daily lives, and I believe TAT does an phenomenal job of doing just that for the trucking industry. I am brand new to the trucking industry and am looking forward to getting to know the lingo. I’ve met such great people at the truck shows I’ve worked and am looking forward to working with more of the fantastic people in this industry!”

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