(Barbara Haddock Taylor / Baltimore Sun)

(Barbara Haddock Taylor / Baltimore Sun)

***Foster kids are extremely vulnerable to traffickers. Without familial and social supports, traffickers step in and exploit them. It is so important to mentor foster youth, train to be a foster parent, or support families and groups who foster.***

“Unemployed and fresh out of the foster care system, Sharnae Goslee hoped to enroll in a job training program the day she arrived in Baltimore by bus from the Eastern Shore two years ago.

But with no birth certificate or high school transcript, she could not apply to the program. Instead of landing a job, she ended up homeless — sleeping in shelters, on the couches of people she barely knew and sometimes in abandoned houses. She spent hours walking the streets with nowhere to go. She sold her food stamps to pay her phone bill so potential employers could call, but they never did.

“You lose everything,” Goslee said about aging out of the foster care system at age 21; she entered it when she was 3. “You lose your support system and everything all at once when you age out.””

To read more: http://www.baltimoresun.com/health/bs-hs-homeless-teens-20151225-story.html

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